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Trusting Quotes

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde Quotes
I told you I'll be ready in FIVE minutes, stop calling me every half hour - Funny Quotes
When I first saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew - William Shakespeare Quotes
The darkest nights produce the brightest stars - Motivational Quotes
A true friend is someone who accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future - Friend Quotes
When we first met, i had no idea you would be so important to me - Love Quotes
If cats could talk, they wouldn't - Cat Quotes
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein Quotes
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Text Quotes
Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change  (Trusting Quotes) I kind of have to be a master of cleaning, extracting and trusting my data before I do anything with it  (Trusting Quotes) Dancing is being trusted with other people’s guts; choreographing is trusting other people with yours. When I choreograph I’m giving a dancer something to do and trusting the dancer to do it and build on it  (Trusting Quotes) We entertain ourselves with worry when we don’t know what to trust. When you trust in what remains beyond temporary form, you are trusting in all that you are, as all that is  (Trusting Quotes) Trusting your intuition is like learning to ride a bike. Everything takes practice before it becomes second nature  (Trusting Quotes) Once we remember that all that takes place during the first days of life on the emotional level shapes the patterns of all future reactions, we cannot but wonder why such a torture has been inflicted on the child. How could a being who has been aggressed in this way, while totally helpless, develop into a relaxed, loving, trusting person? Indeed, he will always never be able to trust anyone in life. He will always be on the defensive, unable to open up to others and to life  (Trusting Quotes) To walk, we have to lean forward, lose our balance and begin to fall. We let go constantly of the previous stability, falling all the time, trusting that we will find a succession of new stabilities with each step  (Trusting Quotes) Not knowing that we can be loved for who we truly are prevents us from trusting in love itself, and this in turn causes us to turn away from life and doubt its benevolence  (Trusting Quotes) This is one of the consequences of the civil war. People stop trusting each other, and every stranger becomes an enemy  (Trusting Quotes) I have blind trust in people. Even if that ends up hurting me, I won’t change. I will go on trusting people because that’s the only way I know to love someone  (Trusting Quotes) There is no true believing or trusting to the report of the gospel, but what is the effect of the working of a divine power on the soul for that end  (Trusting Quotes) The risk that is involved in trusting is stepping forth with willingness with a knowing that you can lose something or fail, and doing it anyways  (Trusting Quotes) Every decision to act is an intuitive one. The challenge is to migrate from hoping it’s the right choice to trusting it’s the right choice  (Trusting Quotes) Again and again we need to appreciate the subtle workings of the teachings and the practice, and even when there is no extraordinary, dramatic change, to persevere with calm and patience. How important it is to be skillful and gentle with ourselves, without becoming disheartened or giving up, but trusting the spiritual path and knowing that it has its own laws and its own dynamics  (Trusting Quotes) By learning to open your heart and body while embracing and trusting all energies, from rough ravishment to sublime gentleness, you can open to be lived by the mystery that lives the entire universe  (Trusting Quotes) Everyone alive has suffered. It is the wisdom gained from our wounds and from our own experiences of suffering that makes us able to heal. Becoming expert has turned out to be less important than remembering and trusting the wholeness in myself and everyone else. Expertise cures, but wounded people can best be healed by other wounded people. Only other wounded people can understand what is needed, for the healing of suffering is compassion, not expertise  (Trusting Quotes) I have found that by trusting people until they prove themselves unworthy of that trust, a lot more happens  (Trusting Quotes) Trust is essential for our social wellbeing. Without trusting the good will of others we retreat into bureaucracy, rules and demands for more law and order. Trust is based on positive experiences with other people an it grows with use. We need to trust that others are going be basically reasonable beings  (Trusting Quotes) I think we’ve bounced back and really been resilient. Even after a bad period, we take over and we seem like we’re on a mission. That comes with leadership and experience and a lot of things. A lot of it is mental toughness and resiliency in the situation you’re at, just trusting in your teammates  (Trusting Quotes) I don’t have a problem with delegation. I love to delegate. I am either lazy enough, or busy enough, or trusting enough, or congenial enough, that the notion leaving tasks in someone else’s lap doesn’t just sound wise to me, it sounds attractive  (Trusting Quotes) If one party is trusting, it is very easy during sex for the other party to format someone, to put thoughts in their mind, to jam their consciousness or attention, to lower their energy or just take power from them  (Trusting Quotes) Skeptics would rather, even at their own expense, appear to be right than take the risk of trusting  (Trusting Quotes) The truth is that when it comes to suffering, if we do not go to our graves in confusion, we will not go to our graves trusting. Explanations are a substitute for trust  (Trusting Quotes) The voice of wisdom is inherent within us and willing to guide us when we stop to listen. Of course, there are times when we feel we’ve been still as stone, and the still, small voice is still too quiet to hear. When this happens, the challenge is to practice quieting your mind anyway. Stopping and asking, quieting and listening, trusting and waiting. Waiting is difficult but worth the effort because a quiet, uncluttered mind is a natural antenna for whispers of wisdom from within  (Trusting Quotes) Love is patient and trusting; it doesn’t hold a grudge when somebody hurts you, and most of all, it endures  (Trusting Quotes) I have been skeptical and not trusting of traditional models of the entertainment industry. I never got a manager  (Trusting Quotes) Impressionism means taking inspiration directly from nature, trusting your senses rather than what you think you know  (Trusting Quotes) The more the father is involved, the more easily the child makes open, receptive, and trusting contact with new people in its life  (Trusting Quotes) When I start doing a body of work I feel vulnerable, fearful. If I stopped trusting the process, I would stop doing art  (Trusting Quotes) It is not socialist, as some of our critics contend. It isn’t purely capitalist, either. It is a new way. A third way. A more humane, trusting, productive, exhilarating, and, in every sense, rewarding way  (Trusting Quotes)
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