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Audience Member Quotes

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work - Fail Quotes
Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is - Funny Quotes
The darkest nights produce the brightest stars - Motivational Quotes
You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely - Love Quotes
I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times, just to be sure - Funny Quotes
I meant to behave but there were too many other options - Funny Quotes
I told you I'll be ready in FIVE minutes, stop calling me every half hour - Funny Quotes
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein Quotes
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Text Quotes
All my life I wanted to play music with love to every member of the audience  (Audience Member Quotes) As an audience member, I like the sound of something that’s been written - I like it to sound written. And then, of course, you can’t do it without the musicians who can play it.  (Audience Member Quotes) Capturing intimacy is pretty much the only thing I’m interested in. That’s what excites me and what I find beautiful in movies personally - that almost obscene sense that we shouldn’t be this close to these people. I find that very inviting and meaningful as an audience member.  (Audience Member Quotes) As an audience member, those studio films are fun. I like an adventure tale, and I also like to go see something that has more of a social pulse. I like to keep learning and trying new things. And if the scripts are good, it doesn’t really matter.  (Audience Member Quotes) All I know is that as an audience member, I am less and less inclined to go to the theater. But that has to do with content and also because the venues seem to be actively trying to repel people.  (Audience Member Quotes) As an audience member, if I go to a film, and I am watching two actors, and they’re kissing, and it looks like they don’t even want to be kissing, it just takes me out of the film.  (Audience Member Quotes) The way Hollywood portrays mothers - you’re either all good and saint-like, or you’re all bad. And I think the real honesty of motherhood is not given a voice in movies. I miss that as an audience member.  (Audience Member Quotes) I had seen ‘Pillowman’ in London and loved it. Being part of something that I, as an audience member, would like to be part of was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.  (Audience Member Quotes) You start as an audience member and create a world you’re interested in, and then you move into the telling of those stories, bringing what has interested you as an audience member.  (Audience Member Quotes) When I get a script, it’s the only time that I get to be an audience member with the first-time experience of that movie. That’s the first and only time.  (Audience Member Quotes) I think once you’ve finished a movie you really have to detach from it so that you can come back and watch it as an audience member.  (Audience Member Quotes) I’m not a fan of 3D as an audience member. I’m too old for it. I don’t like wearing the glasses over my glasses.  (Audience Member Quotes) I know I am always pumped, as an audience member, to go and see a Western  (Audience Member Quotes) It’s more interesting for me as an audience member to see a movie about a loser  (Audience Member Quotes) I would like to initiate an initiative - the Broadway Annoying Audience Member Relocation Programme.  (Audience Member Quotes) Some movies bring out the creativity in you. Every single audience member can become creative in the face of a particular movie. If you happen to like my films, it’s because my films provide a bed for you on which you can find your creativity. The Hollywood movies do not provide that for you.  (Audience Member Quotes) When I’m an audience member I do not want to go and see something that I already know, I want to see something that I don’t know. I want to be surprised and stimulated to think about something. I want the magic. I want to be in a situation of uncertainty; that’s what excites me.  (Audience Member Quotes) Part of the discipline of being an editor is that you have to be a good audience member; your work is to be a surrogate audience member on the films you are working on.  (Audience Member Quotes) I’ve been an audience member for friends in plays that I don’t enjoy and I have to lie to their faces. It’s just part of that lifestyle unfortunately, especially in New York.  (Audience Member Quotes) I’m an audience member first. My inspiration is still based on hunger. Often, when people try to tell me nobody wants that story; I’m like bullshit because I want it.  (Audience Member Quotes) As an audience member, I like watching Rupert as an actor when he’s most playful, ... I think Rupert is really adept at comedy I think that’s where his strength lies.  (Audience Member Quotes) When you go to a film festival as an audience member, it’s so much fun. But when you bring your own film there, you carry so much stress and excitement.  (Audience Member Quotes) Drama began as the act of a whole community. Ideally, there would be no speculators. In practice, every member of the audience should feel like an understudy.  (Audience Member Quotes) High-pitched squeal like a beauty pageant contestant found best in show, Oprah audience member given a new Chevy, rookie actress surprised with an unlikely Oscar.  (Audience Member Quotes) It doesn’t matter if a critic pans or praises my movies, I am only concerned about that one audience member and what their experience is.  (Audience Member Quotes) I try to think about me, as an audience member, and it [inspiration for movies] comes from there  (Audience Member Quotes) An offended audience member repeating a comedian’s act from memory is worse than, literally, anything.  (Audience Member Quotes) Not every movie has to serve as every audience member’s need for completion  (Audience Member Quotes) I always kind of aim with the action stuff to make it feel like, as an audience member, you’re experiencing what the people are experiencing. As soon as you go into slow-mo or repeated edits, shooting it like it’s a stunt, it takes it out of that reality. The more real you make that stuff, the more tense it will be.  (Audience Member Quotes) As an actor and an audience member, it’s important to remember that the future will further define the meaning of the present with a show like ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Sometimes we’re just collecting dots, and other times we’re connecting them, but you know that the dots that are collected will eventually get connected.  (Audience Member Quotes)
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